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COVID-19 Update

Last updated:  January 2021

2020 was indeed a struggle with the unprecedented Covid 19 situation restricting actual travel as well as the desire to go to airports and take flights. Our phone lines remined open during the lock down and various tiers to maintain support and guidance for clients yet to travel.

We had to work on a case by case basis dealing with individual villa owners and clients and come to a solution that worked involving deferring dates, open credit notes and refunds. 99% of clients that didn’t travel were happy with the end solution.  

We were not holding clients to our cancellation policy in our terms and conditions and were flexibility and offering solutions in line with the current COVID situation and ever changing government travel guidelines.

For 2021 we will be operating the same as 2020 where by we will delay balance payments, in some cases till 2 weeks prior to departure to offer more clarity on the travel guidance at the time of the holiday. 

If travel is not possible from either side we will once again be offering to defer dates to a time when travel is possible.

However we hope 2021 will offer more certainty with guidance on where and when you can travel and we really hope the need to self isolate on return will not be in force. However the main thing is we will be here to listen to concerns and help in any way we can.

We have learned from 2020 that flexibility is key when dealing with events outside of our control such as COVID 19.